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Claire's Brookie Chat

Here's the transcript of Claire's video chat for the Brookie website she did not long after Celebrity big brother. In the interview she discusses what it was like the first couple days in the house, whether or not she actually reads what people say about her on the internet newsgroup and such, and she talks about her future plans.

If some of it doesn't make sense it's because I was trying to type and listen at the same time. Some of the things I just couldn't understand because she was kind of mumbling or laughing. :0)


On being in the Celebrity Big Brother house

"Phil invited me to go to the BAFTA's a couple years ago and I started talking to this chap sitting behind me. Later they shined the spotlight on him and gave him a round of  applause and I found out later it was Richard Curtis. When it came time to do Comic Relief he gave me a call and asked if I would participate."

Being the first voted out

"I thought about it but I said, this is for Comic Relief so I'll just take my chances"

Breaking the only clock in the Big Brother house

".....we weren't allowed to have any watches or time in the house and the only clock we had was on the oven. Once we were all standing around the breakfast bar talking and I leaned against the oven and turned it off along with the clock. I went and asked big brother if they would turn the oven back on so we could have a clock and they said, no."


"........I realized how serious it was the first night when we had to vote for people. We had to go into the room and nominate who they wanted to leave. The whole nation was watching, they're family and friends where watching. I didn't like that bit."

Jack Dee- ".....I knew he would win, he's so funny....."

Keith- ".......I didn't have an affair with him, I thought I'd  set the record straight. We have a mutual friend who called and said "he's one of us, he's alright, he's down to earth, you'll get on with him alright, he's normal......"

Anthea - Read stuff in paper. "didn't really know her though you I told you you shouldn't believe everything you read in the paper I had my doubts.......(note from me: I think that's what she said)

Vanessa- "......I met her  before, got on with her, went to her birthday party a couple weeks before."

Chris- ".....Off his head, was mad but lovely!"

Reality Check

"When I was in there I suddenly got a reality check. I thought this is me warts and all. This is me waking up with no make up, totally being myself. If people hate me I've got to live with me. I can't even blame Lindsey"

"............We were playing cards...Vanessa and Chris started going at each other
all hell broke loose and they started arguing and it became very uncomfortable......(Claire says something about a Jewish princess but I couldn't understand it). There was no where to escape. Keith and Chris arguing didn't bother me..."

".......I did get a bit scared when I wasn't voted out at first because I thought people were keeping me in because I got on alright with everyone and they were only keeping me in for that reason. The nation probably hated me and were just waiting for a chance to vote me out so on the last night when Keith was voted out I was really surprised."

"Honestly, honestly,  we're all a bit insecure and not confident in ourselves and I wasn't feeling particularly confident at the time. and it just made me realize that I must be alright, that people like me. I got lovely press and people seemed to really like me and I thought....I'm not such a bad person, I'm alright actually. I'm not saying I'm great but it just made me think that."

The Media Attention

"My friends said I will have to get used to the media attention. I don't think I will ever, ever have media attention or other like we did for that week and the week after. It was for comic relief and you put five celebs in a house. I don't think you'll ever have that glare or that coverage."

Brookie sites and message boards

"........I enjoyed it, the press was so lovely to me and it was nice actually. I know all the people who go on the Brookside website and the other Brookie things and some of who will probably tune into this thing. I've checked them out a bit and have seen some of the awful things that have been said about can keep this in or not, it's up to you. When I came home I thought I'll just check the website because my mum used to say to me, don't watch it, don't look at it, don't look at it....and I went on and people were saying really really nice positive things about me and that you know me now......and thanks." (Claire says this looking right into the camera)

Challenge of a Lifetime

"I'm doing that and it's really, really an exciting project. I'm really thankful to Brookside for letting me do it and being really supportive. I'm not leaving Brookside. I'm filming that then I'm back in August and September filming another storyline which is great.
"......This is a chance of a lifetime and for them to offer me a Saturday night prime time show, was great, for them to want me I couldn't believe it I was so chuffed. Then reality kicked in and I thought, can I actually jump out of a plane? Ya know, then I thought, well you don't know until you try it." 
"It's great that the door has been kept open for me to come back. I went and had a little chat with them in January before I ever did the big brother stuff. I said look, my ambition is to do musicals and stuff. Would you see a way to let me do that without closing the doors. And he said yes."

Lindsey Corkhill

"I always say that Barry Grant was the turning point for Lindsey. That's when she realized what she could have and what she wanted and to boot, a great affair with him as well." 
"......I really enjoyed doing all that. That's when Phil really started to guide that character. It was just lovely stuff with Paul and it was Lindsey changing and growing as a woman and it was just great and that's what started it all."

The Record Deal

".......I'm in talks for a record deal at the moment but I don't want to rush into that because I'm not a pop singer. I don't want to do a quick pop song, I want it to be right and something I enjoy doing."


"........I've been up for Chicago, they are interested in my and wanting to know my dates and things and I've got a workshop with them in a few weeks so it just depends on if it all ties in and if I can do it. I'm back in Brookie half of August and September so we'll just see what happens."

On Being Happy

"..........I'm really really happy and not just cause of things are going really well with work but as a person, I feel really happy and content. Sounds a bit corny doesn't it. But my family is great, I've seen my mates in the last couple of days and I feel very, very, very happy."