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July 2,2002

Added the new exclusive pictures of Claire before she was ever on Brookie or Celebrity Big Brother. Updated the News page with new tidbits. Added a few new articles and a couple of interviews to the Articles/Interviews section. 

June 2,2002

Updated main page with news of Claire's new album and public appearances. Updated the News page took away most of the annoying page changes.


March 3, 2002

I apologize for the lack of updates lately but I've been having trouble getting into my site on Tripod to edit. I guess I was lucky today but all I'm going to do is report the latest news. Check it the News section and find out whether there will be another series of Challenge Of A Lifetime. I hope to have a larger update by Sunday......hopefully!

January 26,2002

Alright I have finally put up a few new photos I've gotten here and there. Ok let's see.........I've put up two new pages in the Gallery section, Claire's appearance on The Kumars at No. 42 and Claire's visit to Sierra Leone. I've also added a few more photos to the M&S, Magazine, Misc TV appearances pages. I've added a photo to the Autographs page and I'm sure there are a few I've forgotten so you'll have have to have a look around! 


January 23, 2002

Today is a smaller update than anticipated but hey, it's better than nothing! I've added three new articles though they are from August and October they are new to the site. I've also added four new wallpapers to the Extras section and a screen saver. I've also added a few lines to the latest news section.  I should have another update but the end of the weekend. 

January 1, 2002

A new layout! Hope you like it but please feel free to mail me with any comments or suggestions you have. Also, please let me know if any of the links aren't working. A new section has been added called Extras. This page contains wallpapers for your desktop and screen savers. If you would like to contribute a creation please e-mail me. I've also added new photos to the Magazine gallery, Tv gallery and Misc. gallery. I've put up captures of Claire last Brookie appearance and several more captures from Challenge Of A Lifetime.

December 12, 2001

Check out the charity auction on E-bay. Claire so graciously signed and designed the t-shirt on a cute little stuffed monkey. Check it out HERE all proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation UK.

December 6,2001

Claire made her debut in as Roxie Hart in Chicago Monday night. Check out some reviews of the performance HERE

November 30, 2001 

Since I'm terrible about keeping up with Claire's tv appearances I will be replacing that page with a Chicago page with photos, articles and reviews. 


November 18, 2001

My apologies for the lack of updates lately but hopefully I'll make up for it in this one! There are quite a few updates today including the photo galleries and the articles/interviews section. You can also check out the News section and the finally updated TV Appearances. You may have missed them but there are always repeats!

****Is there anything you'd like me to add to the site? A message board? Multimedia? Backgrounds/Screensavers? Please send me an e-mail and let me know!****

 - Claire is indeed taking over the lead role in Chicago. It was confirmed today in several publications including, BBC online, Annanova and This Is London Online. Her run will be December 3 thru March. 

Check out the press HERE

October 10, 2001 - Last week was a week for Claire to be all over the tv. I've got captures from several tv appearances including GMTV, SmTV, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Rich and Famous among others. I've again, updated the NEWS section and added an articled from the Sun stating Claire will definitely be taking over the lead in Chicago as well as, The Daily Mail.

Independent article- READ
Daily Mail - READ
The Sun -READ

October 10, 2001 - Claire's new ITV program finally started! After appearing on several tv programs throughout the week, Challenge Of A Lifetime debuted on October 6. Also, Claire has finished filming Brookside so watch while you can as Lindsey Corkhill will be leaving the Close very soon. Once again, rumors are flying that Claire will be taking over the lead role in Chicago. The Sun has published an article stating Claire will take over by the holidays. Just another rumor? We'll have to wait and see. Finally, since Claire is no longer with Brookside I am looking for an address for her fans to contact her. If anyone can help me out with that it would be greatly appreciated. Remember, I'm just looking for an agents or company address, nothing personal! Thanks!


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***Just a reminder-- I do not know Claire, never met Claire, have nothing to do with Claire's career, I don't have contact with Claire and, I don't even live in the same country. This is JUST a simple little fan page ***



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